Welcome to Dapper

Hello and thanks for visiting the Dapper site. Our purpose here at Dapper is summed up in our promise: to help you look the best you can look.

At Dapper, we believe looking good is something to strive for – because looking good is all part and parcel of feeling good. And looking your best needn’t be a chore… at Dapper we believe you should enjoy the process.

Take our classic wash cut and style, given in a relaxed, professional, private environment with free drinks and head massage from one of our talented barbers. Or a Dapper deluxe luxury hot towel shave that will leave you looking truly Dapper but feeling relaxed and refreshed. Take advantage of our speedy grey hair coverage treatment or choose a hand and nail treatment. We have all the services you need to make you look and feel your best; all conducted in a private booth area.

But it’s more than that. At our unisex Dapper Clinic downstairs, we offer a whole host of services, many of which are available for the first time in Ealing. Not only do we offer massages and facials but hair removal via waxing and permanent hair removal via laser; using the latest and best technology available. We also offer skin rejuvenation programmes such as FORMA -a clinically proven treatment using radio frequency on the surface of the skin without using any needles to stimulate new collagen. Other services for wrinkle reduction include treatments such as BOTOX. Our Dapper Clinic therapists will happily give you a free consultation on which techniques would suit you best.