Tear Trough (Under-Eye Filler)

£400.00 60 minutes


What is a Tear Trough?

The area between the lower eyelid and upper cheek is referred to as the ‘Tear Trough’. As we age these change in appearance becoming longer, deeper and more shadowed. This is a normal part of the ageing process but gives the impression of being tired and less youthful looking.

The Tear trough procedure is an ideal treatment for the following indications:

  • Sunken eyes
    Dark circles under the eyes
    Tired looking eyes
    Eye bags

How is the area treated?

The treatment procedure involves the careful introduction of a dermal filler into the tear trough which is then gently massaged into the target area to blend into the cheekbone and re-create the smooth, firm foundation for your under-eye area.

The tear trough filler consists of hyaluronic acid that is similar to the naturally occurring hyaluronic acid found in soft tissue. It supports and hydrates the skin and treats the loss of infra-orbital volume. 

Topical anaesthetic cream is used for eye treatments prior to the procedure to ensure comfort. The local anaesthetic integrated within the tear trough filler ensures that the treatment is relatively painless both during and after the procedure. The procedure takes about 30 minutes and you will see improvement immediately. Cannula or needle method will be used to optimise your result.

Final results are usually obtained within 2 weeks time, as fillers need time to integrate with the surrounding tissues to achieve hydration balance within the area. The effect of the treatment lasts between 1-2 years in most cases.

What is the downtime?

There is no downtime, you can return to work the same day and resume all your regular activities.

Mild swelling sometimes occur but usually subsides within a few days. Bruising is rare, if it happens, tends to be pinpoint, therefore can be easily covered up with concealer or makeup.

Hyaluronic acid based filler treatment is entirely reversible. This is possible when using an enzyme that breaks down and degrades the dermal filler within days. This is a safety net especially important for patients new to the dermal filler procedure.

Prices are £300 per syringe, final prices subject to required amount (most treatments require one syringe).