Non-surgical Face Lift

Per Consultation 60 minutes

Product Description

A non-surgical Face Lift is an alternative to the more dramatic and invasive surgical Face Lift.

Despite the fact that this is a softer approach to the surgical technique, the benefits are multiple and the downtime for recovery is minimal if not zero following the procedure.

Plastic surgeons as well as professionals in the world of Facial Aesthetics are now following the trend that less invasive treatments are preferred over surgical treatment.

The results are impressive, yet look completely natural. The Face Lift in the Dapper Clinic is performed by the use of injectable filler.

We use the Juvaderm range for this particular procedure: Voluma, Volbella and Volift. Often in combination with Botox.

The procedure takes up to an hour and is often performed in stages. The results are a natural lift, enhancement of facial features and a rejuvenated you, effectively making you look several years younger.

The results can be maintained with regular “top up” every 6 to 9 months, sometimes longer.

If you are interested in this treatment, you should contact us for a free consultation.