Deluxe Hot Towel Wet Shave

£30.00 45 minutes


If you would like a full, luxurious shaving experience, then the Dapper Deluxe Hot Towel Shave is truly the service for you. This incorporates all of the finest grooming products from our “Dapper Selects” range and all the shaving skills from our talented barbers.
This service also begins with a thorough consultation, to ascertain any issues or problems you might have with your skin. Once all of these areas are understood, your barber will continue with your shave. There are multiple stages to the Dapper Deluxe shave that your barber will explain to you throughout the process.
Pre shave
This stage is all about preparing the skin for the shave. A hot towel is applied to the face to open the pores. A pre-shave scrub is then applied to remove any impurities from the skin and to soften the beard for a comfortable shave without irritation.
The face is lathered up twice using a badger hair brush. This will help to lift the hairs away from the face, giving you a smoother, more comfortable shave. The barber will firstly shave you – with the grain – and will then shave you again – against the grain – giving you an unbelievably close shave.
To finish off the shave, your barber will apply a post shave balm to nourish and revitalise the skin, making your skin feel refreshed and feeling great. To close the pores and lock in the post shave balm, an ice cold towel is applied.